Stopping Instagram in 2017

I have been posting on Instagram under “Funny Bunny Photography” for about a year now. But from 2017 onwards, I decided to stop posting on this platform. There are a few reasons to my decision, and I will discuss some of them here.

Instagram is a good platform for your work to get noticed, no doubt about that. It’s a platform geared towards the public crowd where everyone can discover content, like, share and comment about pictures. It’s less photography-centric like Flickr or 500px, which in a way is a good and bad thing. The good thing is easier for you to get your work noticed through a broader range of audience. The bad thing of course is that it’s not really a photography focus platform, it never was anyway.

Instagram is just like Facebook, it’s another form of social media platform for you to present yourself and interact with others. Being a social media platform, it requires you to constantly engage with your audience in order for the social component to work. I personally don’t spend much time on social media myself, hence to me I’m not maximizing the benefit of this platform and there’s really no point to spend time to further develop on it.

Next, Instagram is full of crap. Really. All the fake user accounts, spams and etc. just bugged me on daily basis. It seems like it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s sad that when people like your picture or followed you just because they wanted you to like or follow them back, and not because he or she genuinely likes your work.

What I need the most is not people to like or to follow my works, but more on sharing my interest in photography and to learn from others. When I look back on what I need versus what Instagram can offers, it is clear that is time to move on. Anyway, although I’m off from Instagram for Funny Bunny Photography, I’m still actively posting on my personal account with most of them are shots from my mobile phone.

For those who really followed through and supported my Instagram account, I truly appreciate your presence. Thank you and hopefully we’ll see each other again some days. Till then.

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