I’m a fan of Rangefinder, but not Leica

Yes, I’m not. Although I’m using Leica camera and lenses now as my main camera system, but honestly I don’t really like Leica as a brand. I like shooting with rangefinder, and it doesn’t necessarily be a Leica.

The reason I’m using a Leica camera is simply because they are arguably the only manufacturer who still produce digital rangefinder camera, which happens to be what I like to shoot with at the moment. I’m not saying the cameras produced by Leica is bad, they are pretty well made. But in actual fact, I simply do not have any other choice if I want a digital rangefinder. Konost is working hard in creating a digital rangefinder camera as an alternative option to the Leica M, and I do hope they will succeed and I’m really looking forward to it. If there are other viable options out there, I’m more than happy to make a switch if it suits me well.

When you look into the film cameras I used, none of them are from Leica. Again, I’m not saying Leica film cameras are not good, but after evaluating all the available options out there, it’s hard for me to pay more for a “branded camera” while I can get something similar (or even better) at a much lower price.

Some may argue that Leica is charging premium for their service, craftsmanship, precision, “hand made in Germany” legacy and so on. Well, for me the service they provide is not up to the level and standard that’s worth the extra money they are charging. I do admire their craftsmanship and precision, which is why I’m still using their camera and lenses even though I don’t fancy their brand, and I purchased most of them used, or off from dealers that I enjoyed dealing with. I simply don’t feel like buying directly from the Leica retail store.

Well, to be fair I’m not someone who goes after branded stuff anyway. I’m a very practical person, if your product is good and I like it, I don’t really care whether you are branded or not. I’m more than willing to spend if I like the product and I enjoyed the service provided. But sadly, to date Leica has yet to forge that kind of relationship with me. Perhaps they need me to make a purchase first before they are willing to treat me well, but to me that’s not the right way to do business, especially for branded / luxury products.

Enough ranting from me. Ignore the brands, just focus on using your camera and making pictures. Till then.

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