Stopping 500px in 2017

500px Portfolio Page
500px Portfolio Page
I’d ran both Flickr and 500px concurrently in the year of 2016 to actually compare the both platform and see which one will better suit my needs. I’m running Pro account on Flickr and Awesome account on 500px.

For Flickr, I get to store full size pictures and I can download them whenever I need them in the future. I treat it as a backup actually. But for 500px, this is not available. Previously this was a main consideration for me as it would be good to always have a “cloud base” backup whenever I need it. However, this has become less important feature after I have setup a RAID system at home to backup all my pictures.

Interface wise, I personally prefer what 500px offers. It puts more emphasis on pictures, contents and your works. Its cleaner and easier to navigate, to upload and to manage your stuffs. Flickr is a bit messy and the interface does appear a little dated. But Flickr do provide support for batch upload and etc., which is something that is usefull occasionally.

One appealing feature from 500px is the “Portfolio” creator, whereby you can just dump some pictures into the Portfolio folder and it will generate a lovely portfolio page for you based on the theme you have chosen. It’s an easy and beautiful way to create a photography-centric page that puts picture first. I do really like it very much. However, my issue is that I need more than just a portfolio page as I’m running a blog at the same time. I recalled previously 500px do have this feature called “Stories” but was then been removed. It’s basically something similar to blog post. Without it, I will need to link up my wordpress with 500px’s portfolio page, which can be done technically, but it will not be as seamless as what I wanted it to be.

Besides that, 500px also offers a “Marketplace” for you to sell your pictures, which is something Flickr is lacking of. For artist or even some stock photographer, it’s a good place to earn some income. 500px also offers other services such as directory for people to contact the photographer directly for any job opportunity. Both platform offers Groups which you can join to share and learn more about certain interest / type of photography.

I may have missed something in between so do let me know if there’s any information which is inaccurate. Honestly I was just using both platform as it is without dwelling too deep into the details and functions. After reconsidering both platforms, I decided to stick with Flickr for the time being. However, I’ll try to tidy up things in my Flickr account as currently pictures, album etc. are kind of messy. Another thing is that I have yet to fully utilize the features of Flickr such as tagging and joining groups and forums. I’ll try to explore a little further on that in the future and see if it helps me. Till then.

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