Photographer or Writer?

I wonder since when photography has become so closely linked to words. Nowadays, its not hard to see people write an essay just to describe the picture they took or to tell you the story behind it. But when you look back, those iconic pictures from the old days were just… pictures, without any decorative words, but they still capture your heart.

Some may argue a picture worth a thousand words, so why you need to have a long story accompanying your picture? Is it your picture not strong enough to convey your message? Or is it you want to lead people to look at the picture from your point of view? Or is it you just want to tell a story but the picture is just a supplement to it?

Words and pictures, both are useful tools to express your ideas, feelings and thoughts. I am not against anyone from using them individually or both together. But I believe one needs to juggle the weight of words and pictures properly. Taking my blog for example, words will carry more weight in transmitting my thoughts, pictures will only be supplementary. Hence, I’ll try to balance up and give more emphasis on words than pictures. For individual pictures or photo projects that I share, I’ll try to let the pictures do the talking, at most I’ll just write a short note on the title or description of the project/pictures.

This is how I juggle between words and pictures. Is this the right way or the best way? Probably not. This is merely the way that I feel comfortable in sharing my thoughts, and I always feel that it is necessary to leave room for audience to think and imagine themselves. That way, we will be able to cultivate a creative exchange of ideas and thoughts that will certainly be benefiting everyone. Till then.

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