Feeling Nostalgic – Nikon FM3A

Nikon FM3A
Nikon FM3A

Feeling a little nostalgic today, so I’ll talk a little about gear that I used to own and missed dearly. On top of the list will definitely be the Nikon FM3A. A friend of mine sold this camera (Nikon FM3A + Nikkor 50mm F1.8E) to me, and this is the starting point of me venturing into photography with film. This is a very well made and sexy camera. Feature wise, I would consider it to be pretty “advance”. It has built-in light meter, able to sync with flash, aperture priority, DX automatic ASA setting and so on. It can run with or without battery, which made it a very versatile camera.

I can still recall at that point of time I wasn’t really sure whether shooting with film is something I’ll like and enjoy. I shot a few rolls with it for a few months, and then I realized that “Yes, shooting with film is something I would love to continue on”. However, the cost of the film, development and scanning was rather high to me. So I ended up selling off this kit and head back to digital.

At the end of the day, the bug of shooting with film came back to bite me, and after about a year later, I got myself a Zeiss Ikon and a film scanner. I was in a better financial position too, hence I decided to make a return back into shooting with film. I’m glad that I did, but I do feel a little regret for selling off this great piece of camera. Perhaps someday I will own this back in my collection, perhaps someday…

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