The Other Side of Hong Kong

L1001471-1Hong Kong is a city well known for it’s skyscrapers and streets. It’s common for people to visit places like Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and so on as these are probably the attractive locations that are heavily promoted by travel guide and tourism board.

I can’t deny the fact that they are indeed very good places for you to get a concentrated feeling of Hong Kong’s life and culture. And for people who lives in other cities like Singapore, they probably will find Hong Kong to be extremely similar to where they live, perhaps too similar until they find it boring to pay a visit.

In 2016, I was visiting Hong Kong for the third time, and I can’t help but keep asking myself “what else can Hong Kong offer other than vibrant city and busy streets?” To answer my question, I had spent some time in researching what other places and things I can do in Hong Kong and plan them into my itinerary. I’m not trying to be too adventurous, and I still miss all the street foods and local market, hence I’m visiting the “usual” places while sparing two days for some unknown adventure.

I’ll share the details a little more in my coming post, so do stay tune for more. Till then, happy shooting.

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