The Other Side of Hong Kong – Ma Wan


Sunrise at Tsing Ma Bridge

Ma Wan is another hidden gem in Hong Kong. This offshore island is located close to Tsing Yi (青衣). Ma Wan is a small island that you can explore on foot. It’s suitable for a short day trip when you are in Hong Kong.


You can reach Ma Wan by either taking a ferry from Central Piers, or you can ride Hong Kong MTR and alight at Tsing Yi (青衣) station, then board the bus 330 at Tsing King Road exit bus stop. This bus serves between Park Island (a private residential housing area within Ma Wan) and Tsing Yi MTR Station.


What to do in Ma Wan? You can pay a visit to “Noah’s Ark” to enjoy some of the activities and attractions such as visiting the exhibition hall and it’s nature garden. You can take a stroll to the old fishing village of Ma Wan, which was abandoned as people moved away to the new housing estate. You can spend some time on the sandy beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. You can also get up close to the Tsing Ma Bridge here in Ma Wan. It’s a good place for a casual getaway, so do drop by the next time you are visiting Hong Kong.

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