How to become a professional photographer?

I’ve been following a few youtube channels on photography, and I realized that one of the question that’s being asked frequently by the audience to the youtuber is “how to become a pro-photographer”. Apparently, a lot of people would like to become “pro” and make photography as a living.

Perhaps it’s all the good things, good life, travelling to remote places, photographing sexy babes sessions and many other things that shared online that makes people think that life as a pro-photog is so great. Well, to a certain extent, some photographers are really living a great life, while most would probably ended up just like any other office worker who do their job day in day out.

The first thing that people failed to realized is perhaps not all pro-photog can live up a life like that, and you never know how much effort was put in by them in order to reach there. You are only seeing all the good things that they shared on social media, but you’ll never know all the hardships behind. To go a step further, some of the things shared online may not even be true, but it’s easy for people to just believe in what they saw.

Well, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t reference these pro-photogs before deciding on whether photography is something you want to pursue. It’s always good to start looking into the background of those photographers that you admire and aspire, see how they move up their career and explore all the possibilities in order to ensure you made a right decision.

There are so much more than just “taking good pictures” in order to become a pro-photog, that’s another aspect where most people failed to see. Besides taking good pictures, you’ll need other skills such as accounting, public relation, marketing, active on social media, networking… the list goes on. Technically you are running a company, so it’s expected that you need to perform all the tasks that are required for a company to run.

A lot of times I can see those youtubers struggled to provide their audience an answer. And I can really understand why. Perhaps people nowadays are only interested in searching for shortcut to success and fame, but the brutal truth is, there’s so much more than that and there was never any shortcut. Some might get lucky and get there faster than the rest, but to stay there and be there requires effort too.

Hopefully people will realize this, or perhaps they should phrase their question better by asking specific things like how to get into some press agencies and what kind of portfolio they are looking for, or how to manage your own photography business and etc. in which I believe will reward them with more helpful insight. Till then.

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