It Will Rain


The sky turns dark, clouds gathered, drizzles turned to downpours. Here comes the rain. I think most of the time we will choose to stay home instead of going out to shoot in rainy days.

“I don’t want to get myself wet!”
“I don’t want to get my camera wet!”

One may argue why people want to buy a weather resistant camera when they don’t even expose their camera in such environment to begin with.

I don’t purposely shoot in the rain, yet I don’t try to avoid it when I’m in the rain if I wanted to grab the shot. I’ll shoot even if my camera is not weather sealed. Of course I’ll try my best to protect it in the process of shooting, and I’ll wipe it dry as soon as I’m done with it.

The annoying part for me is when droplets of rain hit in front of my lens when I don’t want it to be, so I ended up need to wipe it dry and get it shielded when I want to take a shot in the rain. It’s fairly easy to be done with auto focusing camera, but try that with a manual focusing camera, you will be all over the place juggling to get a shot.

Anyway, for people like me who lives in tropical country where rain is abundant, perhaps we should make use of this opportunity and take more pictures in the rain? Probably I’ll explore about it and see.

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