How to take good picture?

Another common question that people like to ask is “how to take good picture”. In fact, I’m guilty myself as I did asked the same question over and over again before this. Is there any problem with this question? Isn’t it a good thing if people would like to ask and learn to take better picture?

There are a few sides on how to take a better picture, one is the technicalities on composition, use of light, use of colours and so on. One is how to take a picture that carries weight or tells a story. And one is how to post process the picture to bring out the most of it.

Perhaps one should be more specific on the question that they want to ask. For example, discussion on whether one composition works better than the other, or what editing can be done to enhance the picture and so on. Asking a generic question like this is similar to asking “how to be a better man”, it’s hard for people to give you a useful answer, and it’s even harder for you to grasp the essence of it.

If you look from another angle, I would question what’s the motive behind someone who asks about “how to take a good picture”. If it’s purely in search of more likes and hype, the approach will simply be different, honestly you don’t need a good picture to get likes and followers on social media, you just need to shoot the right subject that feeds your audience.

If one genuinely want to improve in photography, try to develop questions that are more specific, step by step, improve your skills and understanding along the way and put things into practice. There really isn’t any shortcut to better picture, not even if you replicate what others have already created. Those are my thoughts, feel free to comment or share your point of view. Till then.

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