Herschel Little America Bag – My Point of View

My work bag, which was a Samsonite laptop backpack, was deteriorating. In search of a replacement bag, I figured that it should serve not just as my work bag, but also my go-to daily bag. I have evaluated a few options from Timbuk2, The North Face, The Invisible Backpack and so on, but was ended up purchasing the Herschel Little America Backpack in the end as I managed to get a rather good deal.

I’ve been using the bag on daily basis for work and study, and here are my thoughts about this bag:

  1. It’s a good looking bag, but in terms of practicality, there’re still room for improvement.
  2. The front pocket is a little too small and couldn’t fit much stuff in it. If they can increase the size a little will be good.
  3. The bag as whole needs more pockets for organization purpose.
  4. Appreciate if they can have a quick access pocket near the back for wallets or passport. Also, add some slots for pen or other stuffs in the front pocket.
  5. To access your stuff, you will required to open the top flap all the time to go to your main compartment or laptop compartment. Suggest to have a zipper access from the side of bag to direct access the laptop compartment. Also, another small zipper on the side which allows quick access into the main compartment to reach for small items without the need to open the top flap all the time.
  6. The two stripes look good and offer functionality for adjustment on bag size. However, the stripes of the main compartment will get in your way when you try to open the front pocket. Some redesign is required here.
  7. Redesign the top flap of main cover to have better looking shape even when the bag is empty. Now the bag looks sloppy when it’s not being filled up with stuffs.
  8. Straps for the shoulder has dangling end which may get in the way at times. It would be great if they can find a way to hide the excess straps and tuck it away.

All in all, I still enjoy carrying this backpack, just need to get used to it and adjust some of my habit accordingly. If there’s a chance I’ll try to travel with this bag and see how well it fares. For those who are looking for this bag, if you can live with the downsides mentioned above, I would highly recommend you to get one. Till then.

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