Goodbye 2017


As 2017 is approaching to an end, is time to sit down and reflect upon all the ups and downs, and hopefully be a year wiser and move on to 2018.

I got married this year, had an amazing trip to Japan in April, started my MBA in July, went for the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and shifted into new room in December. I spent quite an amount on upgrading some of my stuffs this year, starting with a new Fujifilm X100F camera, iMac 21.5″ 4K 2017 which replaced my MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2012, “forced” to upgrade from iPhone 7 to 8 Plus, new watch, iPad Pro 10.5″ for study use, Apple AirPod replacing my Plantronics BackBeat Go, a new Klipsch The One speaker for my room and so on. Well, it’s not that I wanted to spend all the money (although some of the items were purchased due to my itch…), but just happened that quite a few big ticket items were down or really due for replacement, and hence the spending. I bought quite a number of books this year and managed to finish most of them. There are still a few bigger and thicker books which are not portable, hence I can only read them when I’m home. Nevertheless, glad that I have picked up my reading habit again, and I did learn a few things from the books I read.

I’m still trying my best to juggle between my work, studies and personal life. Hopefully I can do it better next year, though I think I did quite well for the past 6 months. Anyway, the syllabus is going to get tougher next year, hopefully I’ll be able to coupe with them and get through the courses. For photography, I didn’t manage to shoot as much as I would like to, but I did managed to keep shooting, be it some daily pictures or school events and etc. I was trying to complete another photobook for myself, which initially was targeted to finish by end of 2017. But as I work on it, it grew to a larger scale and hence I have to delay it until next year to get in done.

I’m trying to plan a short getaway trip in June 2018, probably with photography in mind, but we’ll see how things unfold later on. Other than completing my studies and assignments on time, I do hope I can spend a little less money next year on gears or stuffs and hopefully get to save some money for a bigger getaway by year end. As for my work, I don’t have much expectation going on, just hope that I can survive it and perhaps, if possible, able to forge some connections for my future career switch. Also, hopefully I can try to get a little more active and exercise more, preparing myself for some other challenge I had in mind in 2019 🙂

All in all, 2017 has been a rather good year for me despite some lows. Let’s look forward on what 2018 is about to offer, and hopefully I can live a better one! Till then, Happy New Year to you all!

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