Time waits for nobody



Go travel when you still can walk
Go out and photograph when you still can see
Listen to music while you still can hear

That’s the “moto” that I gave myself at the start of 2018. People always like to say “you only live once”, which is actually the reality. Time goes by only once, there’s no turning back no matter what. So who doesn’t want to live to the best in every moment of their life?

Later. I’ll do it tomorrow. Next time.

Perhaps we should stop giving excuses to ourselves and treat ourselves better by living our life better. I’m not some motivation or inspiration guru, but that’s just how I’ve been feeling and thinking lately. Partly because of what happened to me personally, partly because of some books that I read, partly because of some people that I’d talked to, hence I’ve ended up trying to live by this theme this year as much as possible.

2018 has been rough to me so far, started off with a lot of workload to be cleared, followed by study on subject that I’m not at all familiar with. Anyway, I’ve been keeping myself motivated and continue to press ahead. I can do it, I just gonna keep trying. The good thing is, I have managed to infuse more of my energy to spend on working out, which I do hope will pay off in the future.

Time waits for nobody. It’s now or never.

Till then.

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