Upgrading your TCL-X100 and WCL-X100

Alright, after a few posts ranting about 2018, it’s time to get back to business and talk a little about photography!

Fujifilm released TCL-X100 II and WCL-X100 II together with X100F. Essentially, the Version II is the same as Version I (physically and optically), with the only difference being the Version II has built-in magnet that allows the X100F to automatically detects the conversion lens and apply the necessary picture profile directly.

For those who owned the Version I conversion lens, or you do not wish to purchase the much more expensive Version II lenses to couple with your X100F, there’s a workaround that was shared by glueing magnets to the inside of the conversion lens. This is a dirty and gritty method that not everyone is comfortable about (at least I’m not). There’s another “cleaner” and “safer” method that you can use. This company called “Larry Gadget Supply” from China has made a simple solution for you to convert your Version I lens to Version II.

What’s in the box is essentially a metal ring that has magnet embedded inside. What you need to do is just to locate at which position (should be somewhere near the f2.8 area when you turn the aperture ring all the way to Auto) the magnet ring will trigger your camera to detect it and register the profile. There’s a video tutorial showing you what to do, just follow it and you’ll be fine. Once located, just stick the metal ring onto the back of your conversion lens and you are done. The camera will now detects your conversion lens automatically!

So, for those who owned the Version I conversion lens or those who don’t want to spend extra for Version II, feel free to use this cheap method to get the same result. Till then, happy shooting!

6 thoughts on “Upgrading your TCL-X100 and WCL-X100

  1. Looks like something exactly I was looking for! Did it come with adaptors for both the WCL and TCL? I can’t read Chinese but their English website seems to have the same product. Looks like I’ll have to wait until Chinese New Year is over but I might give it a shot.


    1. There are two types of WCL and TCL, namely Version I and Version II. If you buy Version II, those will come with the magnet built in for auto lens detection. If you purchase the Version I, you can use my method mentioned in the post to “hack” it to have the auto detect feature.


      1. Right! I guess my question was if the Larry Gadget Supply product comes with two adaptors, one each for the WCL and TCL (I’m assuming you bought the product). My bad if you hadn’t.


      2. Yes I bought the adapter from Larry Gadget Supply, its basically a magnet ring that attached to the back of the conversion lens via double sided tape. You’ll need to indicate to them whether you want the TCL or WCL version upon purchase.


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