There goes January



Yes, hello February. That was fast. January has been taxing for both my work and my study. Going through the Finance module was a pain for me as I have zero knowledge and zero interest on it. Even after reading through the materials, listening to the class lecture… I’m still pretty lost. Sigh. Workload has been heavy as usual at the start of the year, which should gradually become better when getting closer to March.

January has been rather uneventful overall, mainly were just work and studies. Didn’t really get to shoot actually, but I managed to process the rolls of film that I shot during my last trip in Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia. Every time when I scan and edit the film strips, I’ll keep asking myself: “Why the hell am I doing this…”, especially for the shots from Xpan, where I’ll need to crop each pictures manually and scan them accordingly, which is very troublesome. But this feeling was wiped off once I saw the result from the scan. It still amaze me whenever I saw the scan from an Xpan. I’ll share more about the trip in coming post.

Let’s hope February will be a good one. Till then.

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