Something about coffee…


I had always been a tea drinker since… the day I was born! Coffee was not something I fancied all along for some unknown reason, and I wonder why. Perhaps it’s because the “low grade mass produced” coffee that taste bad in my mouth, giving me trauma and bad experience, but I can’t really recall. Anyway, yes I had not been drinking much coffee for most of my life, until last year, the year of 2017 that is.

The tipping point was the moment when I sip in a cup of coffee from a specialty coffee shop, while reading a story book titled “Before the coffee gets cold”. It’s a Japanese novel that has been translated into other languages. While I read the final chapter of the book and took a sip of the coffee into my mouth, it kinda resonate with me on the taste and the feeling I have while reading the ending chapter of the story. And it was like some cosmo reaction followed by the birth of a new planet, and I had been drinking coffee regularly ever since.

As I am pretty new to coffee, I do not have any preference at the moment and I’m eager to try out and explore what coffee has to offer. I will order whatever that’s new to me on the menu, and I attended a small coffee brewing workshop to understand more about coffee brewing techniques. The next step for me is probably trying out different types of coffee beans, different brewing techniques and identifying the different taste from different coffee.

Why am I becoming a coffee enthusiast all of a sudden? Hmm… I’m not sure, I don’t really see myself as a die hard coffee enthusiast at the moment, I’m just interested to explore and learn more about coffee. Perhaps it’s the part within me that wanted to try and craft things with my hands, making me feel like brewing my own coffee instead of drinking instant one. Just like why I still shoot film in the age of digital, just like why some still prefer to drive a manual car over a automatic one.

I am still a tea lover until today, but now I am equally enjoying a cup of coffee as I did with a cup of tea. We shall see how far coffee will infuse into my lifestyle in the days to come. Till then, for all coffee lovers out there, cheers!

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