Commute from funny bunny photography on Vimeo.

I had shot a few videos previously, mainly its more like a test than something that’s really being planned out. I had also run video slideshow for some of the photo compilations I took, which I will exclude from the discussion today as I want to focus solely on videos, cinematography, videography or motion pictures, which ever way you like to call it.

There are some similarities and differences when comparing photography and videography. Both require a hell of skills for composition, but videography has movement in it, be it your subject or your camera, thereby adding a different dimension for you to play with. Not to mentioned the post production of editing and joining frames together and adding voice over or background musics.

There are times when some scenes are best conveyed via photography, and there are scenes that simply too pale to photograph but it will convey a different mood and atmosphere if you do videography instead. Do I feel the same at times when I’m photographing? Yes I do. But At that point of time I’m weighing more to shoot stills than videos, hence most of the time I’ll just give it a miss and enjoy the moment.

With smartphone gimbal’s price dropping down fast, it does make me think of whether to invest in one. Or, to pick up a camera that do well in both video and stills, and get a gimbal for it instead? Well, the first question that I probably need to answer to myself should be how much of my time I’m willing to devote to video and how much of it to still? At this point of time I’m still relatively a photography person, will I be able to juggle between both? That remains to be answered before I decide to venture further.

This year might be hard for me to spend time trying out videography, or perhaps I can try to do it at one of my short trip? Will I be torn between shooting video and still? Hmm, let’s see how things unfold. Till then.

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