Offline. Online

Once awhile, I’ll get myself off the grid and disconnected from the internet and the world. For example, early in the morning while commuting to work, in the library and so on.

Taking a time off from the internet, from the social media and from the outside world has become a “refreshing” experience to many. Ironically, that’s how we lived our lives couple of years ago when internet connection was only 56kbps speed and mobile data was stuck at GPRS. I had been through those days, and it’s crazy just to look at how everyone can’t get themselves away from the internet nowadays.

With the advancement of technology, internet has become so accessible and convenient at our fingertips, we become too reliant to it. People start making “friends” online through social medias, hiding themselves behind the screen while interacting with people. Some “social media stars” ended up having difficulties engaging people in real life as they were lacking on the skills, and in the end they plunged deeper into the world wide web in search for a place for their own.

I do appreciate what technologies had brought to me. I can take a picture and share it with friends instantly, or I can upload it and backup in the cloud, I can get in touch with my old friends even though we are living in different parts of the world, I get to update my blog on the go and get more things done conveniently. But as with every other thing, one always need to know how to manage “the power” that they were granted with and try not to abuse it.

Perhaps I’m just a weirdo. As much as I enjoy using digital camera, I still love film camera. As much as I adore digital or smart watches, I’m still willing to spend on a fine piece of mechanical watch. As much as ebook is changing the way I read, I’ll still purchase a printed books once awhile.

By staying offline once in awhile, I get to focus on the things that I’m doing. I get a sense of relief from the abundance of information that bombarding me without mercy all the time. I get some quality time to do self-reflection and to listen to my own voice deep within my heart. I get to recharge my body batteries and prepare for the next challenge ahead.

Don’t be afraid to do things the opposite way. Don’t be afraid to get yourself disconnected and off the grid once awhile. Mankind has lived through such moments and we will be fine. Till then.

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