Sympathy, and the lack of

Disclaimer: This is a non-photography related post.

During a personality test that was conducted last year, I was being assessed as “lack of sympathy”. It triggered me to think why.

In real life, I do help out people who is in need, like joining charity work from time to time, helping the blind to cross the road and so on. I don’t think any of these can be done without sympathy.

In work though, it’s a little different. I am often being classified as “critical”, perhaps it sounds nicer than being “mean”, but that’s the way I feel best suited for workplace. We forge personal relations, but it should never be brought into work. We set clear direction, targets, small wins, and work for it to achieve them together. If you did well you earned a praise and reward, if you did poorly I will give you feedback and let’s work harder next time. If one is not performing, then one should leave the team and not to disrupt the flow.

In my company, although the office staff was specified with working hours to begin on 8am, there’s staff that came in at 9+am and yet no action was taken. When I comment on this, I was told that I’m being mean and not considerate. Really? People always give others “another chance” to do something right, even though the same mistakes had been repeated for multiple times. I would personally prefer to impose a certain level of warning or even punishment on the offender, and if repeating offence still occurs, off you will go. But this view is again classified as brutal for others.

For me, sympathy is given to those in need and really deserve it, and not for those who take things for granted. To a certain extent, we can be sympathetic at work, but there should be a limit to it. Perhaps I’ll never be a sympathetic person in work, I just can’t tolerate with excuses. Well, maybe I’m wrong, but this is my point of view at the moment. Do let me know if you have a different point of view on sympathy. Till then.

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