A simple mind

Life is complicated. That’s the common quote that people tend to use. But sometimes I wonder… is life being complicated… or ourselves?

That day, I was sitting in a small and simple coffee shop down the street of Hanoi. There’s no branding, no air-conditioning, no customer service, no music playing in the air. As I sat there sipping a cup of Vietnamese coffee, I look out on the street like all other local did. I saw people carrying stuffs on their shoulder and start selling them as they walk across the street. I saw people riding bicycle and carrying their goods around and selling them. I saw people just sat beside the road, placing a pot of soup and boiling water next to them and started selling noodles.

It struck me on various ways seeing how the locals were doing businesses. It’s pretty amazing how simple it can be, with limited budget, zero marketing, not even a store front, one can start their business and earn a living out of it. Of course such business model may not scale, but the point is, they wanted a simple life, and hence they do things the simple way.

A lot of times, we will complain about our difficulties and dissatisfactions, but perhaps those were due to our “complicated” expectation and desire, making us felt we have failed, we are loser. I may sound like I’m against setting expectation and desire high, but that’s not my intent. My take on this is, life is not complicated, but we are. If we are to make our life complicated, thus it will become complicated. It’s always about choices we made. We are the one who decides whether our life will be a simple one or a complicated one.

Am I having a complicated life? Well, at this point of time, not really. Although I do challenge myself constantly to do more, but I treat them as a form of growth for myself. There were times when things got out of control, but that’s okay. I view them as part of the learning journey, the experience of life. Hence, things got less complicated. You have the choice to define your life, why not take it easier and less complicated instead? 🙂

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