The sense of Entitlement


“Hey, I got 10,000 followers on my Instagram. Shouldn’t you offer me something free?”

“Hey, we are friends right? Can you help me do this?”

A sense of entitlement. Perhaps everyone thought that everything in this world should be “given” to them. Maybe they thought that they deserved it. Maybe they thought that when you asked about it, people will tend not to reject you. And in the end, this sense of entitlement has made someone to take things for granted.

Imagine you are in a queue. You are next in line, and the person behind you said: “Hey, please let me go next okay?” You ignored that person, but when the queue moves, that person still try to cut in front of you while you are moving forward. You gave that person an angry stare, and in return, that person labelled you as petty, unfriendly, not caring, bastard… and so on. Whose fault was it? I wonder.

Recently something similar to this had happened to me, and I was really puzzled. How can people had this mindset that they were entitled for anything they asked for? And the funny thing was that if they don’t get what they want, it’s your fault and not theirs. It’s always you never think about them, never care about them, never respect them, never fulfil their needs and so on. And they were never wrong for demanding all that from you.

Oh wel, life goes on although I’m getting sick and tired of these.


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