Social media and Me

“Are you willing to delete Facebook?”
“Are you willing to delete friends and acquaintances from your friends list?”

These were a few questions raised during a class discussion about Facebook, their success and their future. Am I wiling to delete Facebook? For now, I believe the answer is still no. Facebook is still the means for me to connect and stay up to date on what’s going on around my friends. But will I ever delete people from my friends list? Hell yes.

When I gave this respond in class, seems like no one can understand why. I can really see how social media has deeply rooted to everyone’s daily life, and people can spend hours of their time on Facebook, which I will never understand why. Some says they read news on Facebook, and yeah, thanks to that fake news are on viral here on Facebook. Some use Facebook like YouTube, watching videos after videos. Some got nothing better to do but engage in pointless comment war and “discussion” with other keyboard warriors alike. Most people added thousands of friends on the Facebook, and honestly… what for? How many of them are even your true friends?

I know the good and the bad about social media. But ultimately, my principal is still the same, as always: I choose to live a “real” life, not a “virtual” life hiding behind some “1” and “0”. This was part of the reasoning I mentioned about when explaining why I will delete friends from my list. I will also do yearly cleanup on people who I no longer interested to receive information from, who I no longer wish to let them see my posting, people who is not active on Facebook and I can’t get any updates from their account and so on. My friends list is shrinking year over year, and I’m spending lesser time on social media so that I can live more of my real life.

Perhaps I’m slowly inching closer to getting rid of Facebook (or social media) altogether from my life? I know a few people who are not on Facebook or any other social media, and they are living their life to their fullest without any problem. So yes, I think it’s really possible. I can still keep in touch with friends and family via other means, so it really isn’t impossible. Perhaps someday I’ll get rid of everything and just keep this blog running as my life journal. Who knows?

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