Let’s Talk About Social Media Influencers


There’s no denying that this new “occupation” is growing strong, and everyday we see more and more “influencer” hit the internet and social medias. Almost all of the portray the same image to the general public: they are very famous, got a lot of followers, living a great life, travel places, getting their hands on every single new gadget/product released, their words are assurance of quality that you can trust and so on. It’s hard to avoid, as people become more and more addicted to social media, spending most of their times surfing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., they start to follow (or even worship?) these influencers. People starts to think that these influencers just get free stuffs from people, review them and earn money, and get all the fames and likes without much of the hard work required. In the end, a lot of people (especially youngsters) are pursuing to become an influencer too.

I had never really followed a lot of influencers myself as I don’t really have good impression on most of them. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not dismissing them all together. I must say there are really people who genuinely purchase their stuff and gave honest and unbias review through social media platform. Some may receive review sample from companies, but they will still test the product thoroughly and share his/her experience of using it with the rest of the world. There’s a lot of hardwork putting all together, it’s not as easy and as simple as what most of us thought it would be. Behind the scene, you’ll need equipment to record the picture/video, you’ll need content (script or write-up), you’ll need to think through from various angles and aspects before presenting your view, you need to understand your audience and cater for their interest, you’ll need to stay in touch with your audience, you’ll need to build up connections with companies and even other influencers, you need to spend time in doing marketing and branding and so on.

Of course, there will always be the rotten ones among them all. Those that just praise whatever products that are being sponsored to them, those that plagiarise on others’ work, those who gave false information and mislead people and so on. Not to mentioned there are those who simply “use their fame” to ask for free stuff from companies (like free hotel stay, free food, free products), post a bad review if they don’t get free stuff that they asked for, get sponsorship and commission work based upon plagiarised work that’s stolen from others, spread negativities, earn a share from every product sold through their fake reviews and so on. We ourselves need to be vigilant and don’t simply accept everything that’s being thrown on us. Think, digest and perhaps make some comparison of the same topic against others before making a judgement. This way, we should be able to fend off those low quality “influencers” and only keeping those that really bring values to the community.

Here I would like to just share a few of the people I followed to get information and perhaps inspiration at times. I get to know them via YouTube, as it is probably the only place I’m spending my time more often. I don’t really use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platform that often, as I find that usually there are more “fake” content in these other platforms. They are a little niche, but hope you’ll find any of them useful to you, in any case. Till then.

Thomas Heaton – Landscape Photography

Dave 2D – Tech and Gadget

Bo Ismono – Bags and Travel Gears

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