On “Spraying” and “Backup”

Had a good chat the other day with this old man who bought over one of my lens. He has a shooting style that’s similar to me. We shoot mainly landscape and streets, and we chatted about the lenses, the locations, the setups and so on.

We talked about the habit of spray and pray. “Come to think of it, it’s crazy when I saw my friends just shoot 10 frames on the same subject, same composition, and then go home and pick the one “decisive moment” picture… for which they looked the same to me anyway.” There will always be those who just spray, well, technically speaking if you are shooting sports or actions, is kinda unavoidable to shoot in burst just to make sure you get both focus and composition right for one of the frame, even more so if it’s a paid shoot. But for hobbyists like you and me… it’s indeed a little too much.

The other thing we chatted about is on backup. “Do you backup everything from your memory card and keep storing them like forever, and then giving reasons saying that one day you might come back and re-edit some of those?” I must admit I’m sort of guilty on this. When I get pictures imported into lightroom, I’ll edit whatever pictures that I wanted and just leave the rest as it is and dumped them into my backup drive. Perhaps I should really start looking into improving my workflow, rate pictures accordingly and delete those that are not rated. There’s really no point for keeping pictures that you know is not good to begin with.

It’s nice to talk to others once awhile to learn about how they manage their workflow and how they view photography. Now I’ll need to take some of those best practices and incorporate them into my habit. Till then.

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