It’s time to change

I realized that I had not put some of the good things I learned along the way into good use. To be very honest, I’m not a fast learner myself, hence a lot of time I will need to study, practice, learn and reflect (and even restudy) before I can actually put something into application.

Taking my MBA course for example, there are knowledge, tools, frameworks and skills that I learned and yet I had not managed to either practice them at my work, link them together to form a more holistic picture, or dive deeper to understand them further.

However, there are those from my class who managed to make sense of the concepts learned and apply them quickly across other fields and subjects, and sometimes I truly admire their strength in this regard. Anyway, it’s okay if I was a little slower, I just need to make sure that I’ll be reaching there eventually.

The same goes to photography. It’s easy to learn pieces of skills and techniques here and there, but the important thing has always been joining the dots together and get the shot when the time comes. Learn, understand, relate, practice… and hopefully perfection will follow. There’s no shortcut to get there.

By the way, I had decided to take an extra elective despite the core modules has finished by early December. The elective will drag my completion date into the end of January 2019, hence another month of extra classes. It’s okay, I had survived 18 months after all, one extra month is bearable. Hopefully I can learn a little more and start to digest all the knowledge for future use. Till then.

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