Hello 2019

New year, new me!
Jokes aside, a whole new year, it’s good to at least have a simple plan on what I’m going to do this year.

For a start, I’m hoping to switch to a new job, and hopefully a new industry as well. I may need to start all over again from lower rank, but that’s okay for me. So I’ll see what’s going to happen next. I do know there are some weaknesses and problems with me, and I’ll try my best to improve on those, and hopefully starting a new job will help as well. I really need new goals and challenges in life to keep moving forward.

I have a whole backlog of books to read, and I’ll probably do that and get them cleared this year. Probably will focus more on reading business related books, especially those that can help me to improve on some of my weaknesses in work. Also I had planned to resume my study on Japanese language, not sure whether I will take up further JLPT exam, but I will continue to learn for sure.

For photography, I don’t really have any plan at the moment. We’ll see how things evolved along the way. In terms of writing, it would be good if I can finish a book or two for the year. As for travel, I don’t have specific plan yet, but I do wish to travel back to Japan again this year for a specific reason… I won’t reveal too much at the moment, we’ll see how things unfold throughout the year.

Any plan for buying any new stuff? Well, not really. Probably will be changing a new phone this year, have not thought about spending on camera related items yet, probably will spend lesser on books as well since I have a bunch of ebook waiting to be read. Perhaps this is the year where I can start saving some money? (Probably not… lol)

Other than that, I’ll continue my gym training and stay healthy, perhaps spend more attention and care over some of the little problems that had been bothering me for awhile, hopefully its nothing major and I can live much healthier this year in order to tackle all the challenges ahead of me.

Life goes on.
2019, please treat me kindly.

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