The feel good phase


Whenever you bought a new gear, when you first using it… you will most likely feel that “it’s so awesome!” or “oh my god everything is so great!”. I was the same too… I call it the “feel good” phase when you first using something new, it can be a new gadget, new car, new house, new furniture or even new shoes or new clothes. When you first use something new, you will probably feel good and everything about that new thing seems to be just perfect.

Fast forward few weeks or months later, as the “feel good” phase elapsed, things started to get a little… worse. You will probably started to notice the shortcomings of it, you will probably realized that actually it doesn’t really fit into your needs and style… and this will be the time when you faced reality, and worst case is you go out and buy something new to replace it and restart the whole “feel good” cycle.

Taking camera or phone review for example, most of the reviewers don’t even owned the device that long, but in order to crunch out reviews as early as possible, they will just briefly test it and gave their “review” anyway. That’s probably the reason why I don’t really like to watch those “review” videos as a lot of them simply don’t have much substance in it.

For me, I do fall into such “feel good” phase too. As much as I tried to stay conscious about it, sometimes I just can’t help but get carried away. However, I will not review an item or recommend it to people unless I have thoroughly tested it. Integrity is something I felt that is more important than being the first or being the spokesperson who said all the great things about what you are using.

Taking a recent example on my impression on the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone, the first few days were “flawless” for me, but as I got my head down and feet on the ground, I started to notice and realized some of the quirks that I will need to live with and workaround. At the end of the day, one just need to be aware of this “feel good” phase and manage it accordingly. That should make you learn more about your gears and stuffs. Till then.

2 thoughts on “The feel good phase

  1. This is a very very good point that I think more people should listen to! Another reason why I don’t like “unboxing” videos; just seems like an easy way to create content but they’re so pointless to me. Good post!


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