Re“kindle” your interest in reading

I have a tons of e-books collected throughout my time studying MBA, and I had not been reading them much at all, despite I was actually actively reading books. For most part of it, it was the problem of how should I read them.

I’ll need to load those e-books to either my iPhone or my iPad, my iPhone screen would have been too small to read comfortably, while my iPad Pro would have been too huge and inconvenient to carry around. I still have an iPad Mini which I can use, although it is currently being used by my wife. But reading from a LCD screen for long period of time may not be a good idea after all. This was the time when I started to look for a better device to serve my reading needs.

After much consideration, I decided to get myself a Kindle Paperwhite 2018 Edition. It has high resolution e-ink display, front lighting, waterproof and small form factor, which tick all the boxes for my needs. I did considered the basic Kindle reader as well, but in the end decided to go with the Paperwhite version for the front lighting and higher resolution screen.

In terms of responsiveness, I think I couldn’t complaint too much, and it’s unfair to compare it to iPad or something similar. A little sluggish for on-screen key press, but generally still acceptable. I didn’t purchase any books from Amazon, I just loaded my e-books into my Kindle via Calibre, a free-to-use software for e-books management. There are various useful features such as dictionary, highlighting etc. that made the reading experience very much enjoyable. And with a device so small, light and portable, I can carry it with me and read wherever I go.

So far, I have been enjoying it and had already read a couple of books on it. For those who read a lot, I would certainly recommend it.

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