A change at last


Been thinking about switching job for awhile. I’d been in the same industry, albeit different role for quite some years. It’s not a bad industry to be in, but I was thinking of changing my role and industry again, be it to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone, or to gain more knowledge and expertise from other companies.

Therefore I decided to study MBA on part time, upgrading myself while giving myself some time to think about my decision. My study was completed at the end of last year, and it took me awhile to think through and decided to really make the move. Resume was sent, but the response has been a little underwhelming. And then I though perhaps I should stay in the same industry and just switch to a different company for different role instead.

Luckily, I received a call for interview the other day. I met up with the hiring manager, but after the interview I thought I wasn’t going to get the job as he didn’t seem pleased. However, in the end I was glad that he offered me the role. It’s a new role in charge of regional product development, planning and management, hopefully I’ll be able to perform my best for this role. Furthermore, it’s a different industry from what I’m so used to be.

Is this the better future of my career that I wanted? Well, I have no idea. For me, I just want to have new challenges in different industry, and now I have it. Will I regret? Will I ever get back to my previous industry? Who knows, only time will tell. At least I made the move and tried rather than just stay put and pondering “what if” day and night.

Some told me I should have stayed in the same company and build by career upwards. Some told me I should stay in the same industry and build my career further. For me, I don’t need to be right up there, I can be a supporting role, a man behind the scene. My “career” is not about fame or money, it’s all about me enjoying my work, being able to continue to learn and develop, and able to contribute to the company.

Hope for the best for the days ahead. Till then.

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