What kept you going and why you decided to leave?

That’s the question I was asked during interview. I took a few seconds to ponder about it and gave them my reply eventually. I’m not sure whether they were pleased with my answer, but at least now that I looked back, I was honest to myself in giving them the answer.

I started my first job back in Malaysia, joining a Japanese air-conditioning manufacturing company. Worked for 3 years, posted to Dubai for a year in between, all my efforts were well recognised. The people within the organisation was the main driving factor that kept me going. We were like a big family, everyone was close to each other, work hard and play hard. I really enjoyed my time there. The reason of leaving was completely personal, I wanted to see what else are offered in the job market, and I thought of working elsewhere instead of Malaysia. I shared my thoughts before in a couple of blog posts previously.

Then, I moved to Singapore, still within the same industry, but this time working as sales in a US company. I did learned a lot from my colleagues, but sadly they weren’t the driving factors that kept me going for almost 6 years here. A lot of time, I drew more energy from my customers than people within the organisation. It’s a stark difference compared to my previous company. After completed my part time MBA study, I decided it’s time to make a move to different role and industry. Similarly, I wanted to see what’s out there to be offered by other industries.

Everyone has a different opinion on my decision, I’ll leave that discussion as it is. On the final few days of my job, I met some of my customers, informing them that I’ll be leaving, at the same time tidying up any outstanding matters while I still can. I was getting a lot of “concerns” from them, asking why am I leaving, how much they had valued my assistance, while some offered to write-in to my manager to seek for my promotion, or even offering job to me. It feels touching indeed, at least my efforts were recognised by them, that’s more important than anything else.

I will still be in Singapore, at least for the next few years I guess. I had moved to a different role and industry altogether, let’s see what I can achieve here. Till then.

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