Yes, I am moving. Not moving this website though, but I am moving from my current rental room and shifting to a new place. Rented whole unit instead of just a room, hopefully this will be a change worthwhile of the investment, at least now it’s a little closer to “living in my own house”. 

When will I be buying my own house? Probably few years down the road, but not so soon. For now, I hope that this change will improve my quality of life a little. Now I can restart my cooking habits, yes I do cook, although they may not taste great. There’s more freedom in inviting friends to come and have a drink or a small gathering, and there’s more freedom and privacy for me and my wife as well.

It’s a little sad leaving the current place, I had stayed here for the past 6 years, and I really enjoyed the environment and neighbourhood. However, as both me and my wife have changed our job, it will be more convenient to move to the new place to cut down some travelling time.

There are still a lot of things that need to be tidied up, hopefully we’ll be able to settle down soon. Also need to get used to the neighbourhood and hopefully I can make myself comfortable here. Looking forward for the days to come, till then.

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