Half way through 2019

Yup, all of a sudden… we are here, at the half way mark of 2019. So far 2019 has been kind to me, though there were many changes in my life and I do get tired coping them at times. But I know that changes are necessary from time to time, so I’m not going to complaint much.

Looking back on the goals I set for myself, surprisingly I had achieved (or going to achieve) most of them. When was the last time I was such efficient in working towards completing my yearly resolutions? Like never… haha. Anyway, glad that everything seems to be on track and getting along. Although there are still a few bits that I need to work harder on.

To sum up my first half of 2019, all I can say was “changes”. There had been so much changes that at times I do felt tired and asked myself “why am I doing all these…”, but then again, it’s now or never. So I’ll just have to keep going and press forward. New job, did lasik for my eyes, exercise more often, restarting my learning of Japanese language, a trip to Taipei, volunteering for Plastikophobia project, moved to a new place and so on.

If everything goes according to plan (hopefully…), second half of the year will be an amazing one. I got one more trip lining up in August, and it’s the one I’m most looking forward to. And there are some plans for some little things here and there, so I’ll try my best to stick to my target and get things done.

Last but not least, I’m still trying hard to make sure I’m posting on weekly basis on this blog. I was so busy after switching to my new job that I didn’t have much time to really sit down and have some thoughts and write something about it. Luckily I have enough backlog posts to sail me through the past few months. As the “stock” is depleting, is time to start spending some time to write again.

I hope you are having a good time so far in 2019. All the best for the days to come. Till then.

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