Hello 2020


No such thing as “new year new me” this time around, haha… after a fruitful year of 2019, what’s next for 2020? Well, to be honest, I believe there will be nothing much going on this year for me, at least from what I have planned so far it seems rather… quiet.

Tentatively, there will only be one personal trip this year (and I think you know where it will be). In terms of planned purchases, this year I might be getting a new travel bag, a pair of shoes and that’s about it. The target is to try to save some money this year, eat healthily, try to stay fit and get rid of some remaining problems I have pertaining to my personal well being.

If financially permits, I would like to start attending classes for Japanese language, been rather slack and unable to learn as much as I wanted last year, it’s tuff to self-learn a new language anyway. Otherwise, I plan to dedicate this year to focus more on building my career. Enough of self-discovery journey in 2019, is time to put my learning into good use this year and make myself accountable of it.

In terms of photography, well, I’ll see if I can get motivated and start shooting a little more. Otherwise, I will only be shooting during my personal trip (which means very limited photography time in 2020…). By the way, I have removed my funnybunnyphotography instagram account (I’m not updating it much anyway), and I have also hide my personal instagram account away. Getting some social media detox this year is part of my target too.

Anyway, I’m hopeful of what’s going to come for the year, and I’ll try my best to make it another great year for myself. Till then.

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