Waking up at 5am

Been waking up early in the morning, around 5am to be precise, since February until now. I think most would think that I’m crazy. Some asked: “Are you trying those challenges like do something for 30 days?”

Well, no. It is now part of my routine. I know there are people who advocate the benefits for waking up early, saying how great your life would be by waking up early everyday and so on.

Honestly, waking up early is not for everybody. There needs to be a reason on why you want to gain that extra hour or two, otherwise one will never be able to embrace it into their habit or routine. The last thing you want is to drag yourself out from the bed every morning, feeling tired, restless and angsty.

So why I decided to wake up at 5am? What the hell am I doing early in the morning? Well, nothing much actually. I’ll just head to the gym, head home after that to cook breakfast or lunch, pack them ready and get myself dressed up to work. That’s about it, nothing groundbreaking. But if I don’t wake up early, I won’t have enough time to prepare the food, and I wanted to avoid the crowd in the gym, so early in the morning has become my best option.

I’m a morning person anyway, I’m totally fine to wake up early at 6am or 7am before this, and I sleep early around 10pm usually. So all in all, everything just falls into place nicely for me. If there is no reason for you to be up early, there really is no need for you to do so.

Will I continue to wake up at 5am every morning? As long as there’s a need for me to cook or head to the gym in the morning, I will continue on with this routine of mine. Till then.

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