Half way through the year of 2020

We are half way through the year of 2020. Already? Yes, time flies. It has been a rather quiet year for me so far.

I’m not sure if I should feel glad about it, but I do felt lucky that nothing major was in my plan this year, especially some big personal goals. It was originally planned to be a quiet year for me… and oh boy, quit indeed so far for the last 6 months. Due to the pandemic that is happening now, the world has almost grind to a halt. A lot of things had happened, both good and bad. I’m glad that I’m still hanging in there, surviving through the days.

As the world started to turn again, people started to move on and live their lives with the pandemic. Dubbed as the “new normal”, people started to return to the streets, shops are reopening, the pace of our lives started to pick up once again. There are still a lot of uncertainties lying ahead. Whether will vaccine be discovered, whether life will return to the “old normal”, whether if there’s another pandemic coming and so on. Well, nothing much you can do by just worrying over something. Just get ourselves prepared for the unknown, and live our lives as much as we can for the time being.

The only “major” event planned this year is for me to travel again by end of the year. I doubt it will ever happen, but there’s nothing else I can do but wait for now. Just wait and see what comes and then work accordingly. In terms of my life, my work… no major changes so far. Still the same as 6 months ago, and I’m still working hard to get better and improve little by little.

Stay safe everyone. Let’s hope the second half of 2020 will be better. Till then.

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