Some updates moving forward

Funny Bunny Logo 2018 3

I have spent some time thinking about what’s next for this site. Ultimately, this is just a place for me to journal my journey in life, in photography and in this ever changing world. I have zero intention to monetise the site, or to transform it into something like a side hustle. With that said, I have made some decision to make some changes here moving forward.

First of all, the domain name will be gone, will cease to exist by early 2021 when the domain subscription expires. It will revert back to the old URL. It’s been a great few years holding on to the domain. The reason for dropping the domain? Well, this is part of my digital minimalism exercise for now. It’s okay, even if the domain got taken away in the future, I’m totally fine with it.

Next, regarding the content of this site. The more personal posts and posts that are written in Chinese will be gone. I have decided to host those on a separate page instead. Yes, I know, I was the one who merged them earlier but in the end, it doesn’t really work well in my opinion. Therefore, is time to make the split. For those who want to read on those contents, kindly follow this link to my new personal site which will be fully in Chinese.

What will happen here? I will still continue to post on weekly basis until the end of this year. That’s my commitment to myself. Next year onwards, I will continue to post here, but it will not be on weekly basis for sure. Thoughts, sharing, photography and so on will still continue to pour in, and I will keep this place alive.

That’s about it for now. Will keep everyone posted if there’s any other new changes in my plan. Till then, stay safe and take care.

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