The end is coming, or perhaps its already here

The photography industry is approaching its end… everyone sees it coming, but perhaps most choose not to “see” it and still trying hard to crunch out as many camera models as possible every year. Having worked closely with the printing and photography industry in my current job for the past year, I get to see some data and forecast that pretty much shows the same as what you read from photography sites and forums. Sales declined, loss making, market shrunk, people are no longer buying cameras, the list goes on.

We’ve seen giants like Canon and Nikon struggling, we’ve seen long time camera makers like Olympus selling off its camera division. Even though we are living in a world where more and more video contents are flooding our screen, less and less of them were shot from a traditional camera. Smartphone has killed compact digital camera, and it will soon be killing entry level and amateur grade cameras as well. In the very near future, only serious hobbyist and professional photographer/videographer will remain as consumer of camera gears, while the rest would probably have moved on shooting with their smartphone.

Most companies are trying their best to diversify their products and portfolio. Fujifilm has a separate medical arm and cosmetic division, while Sony is making a fortune by selling its camera sensor to smartphone makers. It remains to be seen who will be the last few survivors in the end. How do you see the future would unfold? Who will you be placing your bet on? For me… I better start distancing myself from the dying industry before its too late 😛 Anyone hiring???

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