Just shoot it

The Missing Link

There are times when people questioned why are we taking so many pictures, pictures of streets, pictures of the environment, pictures of our surrounding and so on. I confess that I do question myself occasionally when I look at the pictures I took.

“Just shoot it” was the answer given by one fellow photographer I knew of. “Things are changing at such a rapid pace, everyday an old building got torn down, new building was built, lifestyle was changed, people has changed. My picture will provide a context of this instance for people to look back in years later.”

Of course it doesn’t imply that we have the social responsibility to document this moment of time, but if you are in doubt whether or not to take a picture of what’s in front of your eyes, perhaps this little reason can give you a push to press the shutter.

Come to think of it, it is especially true for a country like Singapore, where development pace was so rapid and things are changing on daily basis. Documenting moments like these will create memories of our own, and perhaps recalling memories of others.

It’s been awhile for me to just wander off the streets and shoot, perhaps it’s good to start picking up that habit again. Till then.

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