The chicken and egg story

People always argue whether chicken came first or the egg. Its a never ending argument with no right or wrong answer to it. In the world of photography, we do have a lot of such arguments going on daily.

Film vs Digital.
Auto Focus vs Manual Focus.
Straight Out Of Camera or Post Processing.

Just to name a few. Although I do encourage people to discuss their viewpoints about why they prefer one over the other, but often times people will just completely write off opinions from others. Instead, they will just force their theories and pushed it to everyone as if it is the only truth.

For us, we just need to keep our mind open, to understand others, to accept the differences, and finally to form your own view and decision. At least that is what I tried to do all along, try not to comment on things that I do not know, and when information out there is not enough for me, I’ll get my hands dirty and try thing out myself.

That’s the reason why I tried film and rangefinder camera. Now that I know what are they, I’ll know for sure in the future what’s best for me and what I really wanted. Well, that’s not to say I have never caught in the chicken and egg debate before, I did. But as time goes by, you start to learn and realize what really matters, and with that you become a little wiser.

So, what’s the hottest argument you are in lately?

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