A photography journey – How it began

I will be doing a series of post, taking a peek into the journey of us… those who bought a camera, those who took pictures, those who enjoys carrying our camera around despite it being heavy and bulky. This is to the crazy one.

Where it all begin? There could be many reasons, many potential scenes that spark the interest and fire in you. Some were touched by a picture they saw, some were moved by the “dance” of a photographer in work, some were captivated by the magic of pictures printed from a roll of film, while some just wanted to look cool. Whatever reason it was, here we are, holding a camera in our hands, taking pictures, editing them, and feeling happy about the result.

For me, I lived through the age of film to digital transition (that made me sounded very old). I can still recall owning a point and shoot film camera when I was 14-15 years old (not exactly mine, but it was a family camera). You know, those automated film camera that automatically winds the film as you shoot, with zero capability in controlling any settings and not knowing whether the frame was in focus or not. I brought it to school and just snap away, “documenting” my daily life in school and friends around me. Rolls and rolls of film were burned through, and I was always fascinated by how a roll of plasticky… long… smelly… thing can actually turned into colour pictures.I enjoyed the whole process whole shooting to waiting for the film to be developed by a local store. However, at that point of time, I wouldn’t really say I am seriously into photography… just yet.

Then came digital cameras. My family do own an Olympus digital camera before, again, a point and shoot camera with god knows how many megapixels… 3 or 5 maybe? I do use it once in a while, but the time when I really started to take more photos was the moment when cameras are being slapped to the back of the phone. Boy, did I missed my Sony Ericssons camera focused K770 mobile phone! Although I was shooting more, but it had never came across my mind to buy a camera, probably because I simply cannot afford one.

The very first time I got to experience a “real” camera was the time when I borrowed my sister’s Canon PowerShot G10. I was out shooting sunrise with my uncle, who is a photography hobbyist himself. That’s when I was taught about the exposure triangle, how they can be manipulated to get different effect, and how it all adds up into a final picture. Experience from that morning had really struck me and sticked in my head. That’s when I decided that I want to learn more, I want to do more, and I really want to own my camera and start my own journey in the world of photography. I worked hard after graduating from university, and got myself my very first camera after saving hard. It was a Canon PowerShot G12, successor to the G10 which became nostalgic to me. And everything else became history.

Once in a while, it’s good to sit back and relook into your past, to see where it all begun, to revisit your emotions, to rekindle the spark that started the fire so that you could keep yourself going. I believe I must have shared this story a few times throughout the blog, and that’s the reason why. So what was your story in the beginning of your journey? Till then.

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