A photography journey – The arsenal of lenses

Aside from camera acquisition, another item that are frequently replace or upgraded in our arsenal would be lenses. For a lot of beginner (myself included), we started off by purchasing a camera body that comes with a kit lens, that kit lens will be our one and only lens for quite a long while until the day when we wanted to go wider, go longer, or go bigger in aperture. That’s where the slippery slop begins.

From here onwards, there are those who started to specialise on a genre of photography, hence they would opt to spend on specific lenses. For those who enjoys shooting wildlife or birds, they are happy to splurge on a telephoto lens. For those who enjoys landscape, they will probably end up with an ultra wide angle lens. For portrait shooters, they will get some mid-telephoto lens with wide aperture.

Of course this is not the end of the slope. There will always be a constant debate between whether owning a zoom lens is better than a prime lens. Practicality versus ultimate performance, it’s hard to choose for sure, and some ended up with both eventually. For me, I started off with kit lens, and soon I ventured into primes. There’s a point of time where I shoot only with 21mm, 35mm, 50mm and 90mm prime lenses. But as time goes by, my priority changes, and I have ended up with 3 zoom lenses now, covering 16-35mm, 28-75mm and 70-200mm.

There are a lot to talk about when it comes to lenses, third party versus main brands, various specialty lenses such as macro lens, defocus or smooth focus lens and etc. have always been there, tempting us to bring them home. Well, to me, it’s good too try out different lenses, but the important thing is to know what you want to shoot and achieve in your final picture, and then buy the lens that will help you to achieve that.

Do you have a cabinet that is full of lenses? Till then.

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