A photography journey – Dressing up with accessories

We’ve all been there. From buying a trendy strap, a soft shutter button, stickers or leather case for decorative purpose, to something more functional such as getting remote cable release, lens filter, L-bracket or cage for functional reason. The camera accessories market booms especially during the time when hipster-photographers are growing in numbers, and when carrying a camera is a fashion statement rather than to take photos with it.

I am guilty of hoarding a lot of accessories myself. Straps and soft shutter button are my go-to items used in decorating my camera. I had also purchased thumbs-up for my Fujifilm camera as well, you know, the piece of metal that tuck into your hot shoe and gave a space for your thumb to rest on. I believe many hobbyist out there are a fan of Peak Design product as well, owning their capture clip and straps and other camera accessories (I’ll talk about camera bag separately in my next post).

I get it that we want to pamper ourselves, we want to look good and trendy and have our camera standout among the boring black metal blocks. We want to be different, hence owning all the decorative accessories. And just like fashion brands, they are pointless and serves little purpose, adding little to no value to our photography journey. But we just can’t help it couldn’t we?

I believe everyone has their own fair share of stories in accessorising their camera. I sure do, but I have since toned down a lot and now I’m just sticking with functional items on my camera. Perhaps it is part of the journey, or perhaps it is just something to do with our personality? I wonder. Let me know if your journey differs from the ordinary. Till then.

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