A photography journey – Our secret collection of camera bags

One is never enough. That’s probably what we told ourselves. We need one for each different occasions, different situations, different shooting conditions… sounds like the reason given by my wife in justifying herself to buy yet another handbag.

For us, our handbag (a.k.a. camera bag) is equally expensive. Comes in all shapes and forms. We have backpack, sling bag, messenger bag, waist bag, luggage bag, pelikan case and so on. We have all sorts of materials to choose from, canvas, nylon and leather, just to name a few. Not to mentioned various different design language, how some are built towards street photographers while some for adventurers, and of course the marketing hype of what these bags can do to improve on your photography.

I owned a number of bags for the past 10 years, but I believe my collection list is not as long as some others. The Peak Design Messenger bag, ThinkTank Perspective, a Crumpler sling bag and Zkin RAW are a few bags that I used to owned, but now I’m just rocking my Billingham Hadley Pro and Shimoda Action X30. The Billingham has followed me the longest, while the Shimoda Action X30 was a new addition this year, thinking about using it for my travel but has since became a white elephant due to the current world situation.

I was a fan for sling / messenger bag all along, I really like the versatility and ease in accessing my gear. However, as my shoulder and back started to signal me strongly on their age, I need to fall back to a backpack just to keep them happy. So now, I ended with the Billingham (to keep my love on messenger bag) and the Shimoda backpack. Hopefully both will last me for the next few years.

So, what’s your hidden secret collection of camera bag? Till then.

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