A photography journey – From darkroom to lightroom

Darkroom prints by Mr. Loo Chee Chuan

Apart from gear acquisition syndrome and actually taking photos, there’s another path that we all went through during our photography journey, which is the post processing workflow. Photo editing is something new to me when I started off learning about photography. It has always been shooting on film, sent it to the lab and printed pictures are returned to me. And during the times when I was shooting on digital point and shoot or my mobile phone, there’s no such thing as RAW files either.

So when I started using the Canon PowerShot G10, I was intrigued by it. I have no idea what I can do with it, so it’s all about self exploring and experimenting. At that time I was only using Canon’s own Digital Photo Professional software, which has limited controls. But still, I spent a lot of time playing around with the sliders and presets. Slowly, I was introduced to Lightroom and I had been using that application ever since.

And there was a point of time when HDR photos were fashionable, everyone was trying to run tone mapping algorithm on every single of their photos, making all these super fake HDR photos and still loving the result, and I was one of them. With limited understanding on how dynamic range works, I just dump my photos into any HDR software found from the internet and HDR the hell out of my photos.

Fortunately, I soon realized that it was a huge mistake. So I spent some time learning myself how to use Lightroom properly, and perhaps a little of Photoshop as well. And that’s when things got improved a little from there. I won’t call myself expert in editing, in fact I’m still pretty suck in editing photos. But at least I can do a much better job that I was back then. Nowadays, the trend is on AI editing, which is something I didn’t get my hands on to try out yet. But if I am going to continue my photography journey, it is perhaps something that I need to take a look at some point in the near future.

What was your post processing history that you would laugh over today?

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