A photography journey – Sharing your photos

Back then, when I exported the photos from editing software, I will post them on Flickr (which I still did for selected photos). Flickr was the go-to place for photo sharing, getting inspiration, and to discuss among the community on gears and photography skills. It used to be a lively and lovely place. Perhaps it still is now? I’m not too sure as I’m no longer actively involved in most community and forum pages.

Then came social media pages like MSN, and Facebook (there was Friendster before that!) and people tend to share more of their stuff there. I too posted my photos on my Facebook account, and then Facebook groups were born and all sorts of communities are forming. There are groups for landscape, brands, gears and so on. For those who are into blogging (like I am), there were blogger, WordPress and Tumblr back then that allows us to share our photos and some writing as well. Then came 500px trying to challenge Flickr, and some other services such as SmugMug.

But it all trailed and faded as other form of social media rises. Instagram, Pinterest, and even YouTube has become the space where people started sharing their photos and their journey in photography. I personally tried most of them, but due to the fact that I’m seeing ads everywhere I go… I felt guttered and left most of those platform. Now I’m only sharing occasionally on Flickr, while most of the time I just post here on my blog and also on my personal Facebook account acting as an “archive” for me to search through at times.

Few years back I printed a lot of photobooks, and a few larger print every now and then. But due to space constrain, I have stopped printing photobooks. I do enjoy flipping through them every now and then. I think I will only resume printing when I finally own a house that I can call my home. So, how have you been sharing your photos all this while? Feel free to share your journey. Till then.

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