A photography journey – The burned out

When we talked about photography journey, we have to face it that it is not just all ups and excitement. We have to admit to failure at times, and the inevitable burned out that one will face at some point on their journey.

There will be a point of time you just don’t feel inspired at all, don’t feel like grabbing the camera at all, don’t see any subject that’s worth the click of your shutter, or can’t seems to see something that’s different enough from what has already been shot by everyone else.

Professional photographers often find themselves ended up in a rut, when you shoot the same thing over and over again, it’s easy to get your energy and creativity drained. Amateur too, as one would go out and shoot so often that soon one hit a plateau on skill improvement. Then everything just went downhill or stagnant f there.

Perhaps I’m currently at such a stage as well, I have not really picked up my camera and shoot properly for this year. It’s not to say there wasn’t any opportunities for me to bring my camera out, but in the end I just decided to stay casual, stay minimal and only shot a few pictures using my phone. 

To put it simply, I’m not motivated to work hard for an image at this moment. A few retreats or travels would fix this easily, but with current situation, it is impossible to do so. I could always explore new locations within my neighbourhood, but I have chosen other priorities over taking picture at this point of time.

Anyway, I have not given up in shooting, that’s for sure. So I’ll just sit through this low period and hibernate myself, hopefully things will get better soon. 

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