Here I am

I was supposed to be traveling and enjoying myself in Japan at this very moment… supposed to be. But we all knew what happened, and we are all waiting for the day when we can travel freely again. Will that day ever come? I wonder. What if we are stuck here, unable to go back to how things were before the pandemic… scary but possible, and hopefully it won’t go down that road.

Had my ticket booked before the virus spread became a pandemic, nothing much I could do as it is not within my control or influence. Been following up on the news and updates, but things were gloomy all along. I was hopeful, but about half way through the year, I had already given up on hoping. Well, it’s not that I’m afraid to travel, if immigration opens and flights are available, I am willing to travel as I trust the relevant parties would do enough to ensure a safe journey for everyone. What’s on my mind was that if travel is possible, I would rather head home to spend a week or two with my family back in hometown instead of heading elsewhere.

It’s been a long long while since I last met them earlier this year during Chinese New Year.  Gotta spend some time to catch up with them as well as some of my old friends. Traveling elsewhere can wait. With that mind set, I was pretty much just waiting for the airline to process my ticket cancellation, together with booking for accommodation. Luckily most of them offered full refund. Sad, but this is just life, and we just have to deal with it. My travel spree to Japan has since halted after a 5-year stint. Hopefully things will recover soon. Stay safe everyone, and till then.

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