The FOMO trend


FOMO, in short for “fear of missing out”, is defined as “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent” on Wikipedia. I know the world is on the rise of FOMO trend, but are you really missing out if you take a moment to think through before making your move?

When Person A took a insta-worthy shot and get a tons of likes, people will flock to the same place to shoot the same picture in hopes to gather the same amount of likes. When there is a new gadget released, people will flock to get it even though what they have now is equally usable. When there’s a sale going on, you must buy something otherwise you will left out from all the great deals.

It’s weird how people had ended up being defined by likes and the things one uses, and not by the personality and the quality one shown. Sometimes I do wonder how the world has evolved and changed to this state, and I dare not even to think about how it would become in the years to come.

Do you really and absolutely need to have the greatest and latest gear and be the first to own it at the same time? Do you need to just follow others footsteps and create something for the sake of “don’t want to lose out”, or creating something meaningful and true to yourself instead?

“But you only live once!” Well, whatever. That’s another discussion altogether for another time. You may not be missing out that much after all by just slowing down a little, take a moment to think before you act. So, think again.

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