Not sure if I have discussed about this topic before, but here goes.

I don’t like selfie and I don’t really do selfie except a few rare occasions where I photographed myself holding my own camera. In fact I don’t like to be photographed altogether, if that’s even possible. But reality is… it’s impossible, I know. Sometimes it’s unavoidable that group photos or wefie need to be taken. So sometimes I just have to give in and play along.

For me, I don’t understand the appeal of taking selfies. I’m not any famous people, I’m not good looking, I don’t crave for attention, so why do I need to flood the internet with my selfies? Some argued that it’s for memory, some say it’s a proof that “I was there”. It’s okay, I really don’t need to prove anything to anyone. For me taking a picture of places I had visited is more than enough for me.

Anyway, that’s just my take, or perhaps my personal preference. I’m not judging you for taking your selfies, so please be kind to me and don’t judge me when I don’t want to be photographed next time.

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