Goodbye 2020

Merry Christmas everyone!

The same old wishes, but not the same old Christmas that we used to celebrate. This year has been either super eventful for some, or super uneventful for some. Some have battled through the illness and lived, some have gone through the pain and frustration of lockdown and testing, some have just stayed home and stayed safe for almost 365 days. 

For me, it was rather uneventful. Aside from heading back to my hometown during Chinese New Year period, most of the time I was just staying home and playing my part in flattening the curve. It has always been a quiet year by plan, so I do felt grateful that I managed to live through this hard time without much of a problem. Initially I was a little disappointed that my year end trip needs to be cancelled. However, as time goes by I managed to get over it.

In terms of work, in terms of life, in terms of photography, in terms of relationship, and in terms of everything else… it has been a quiet year and nothing much has really changed. I’m glad that I did some changes earlier on in reducing spending and cutting down unnecessary stuffs in my life, they proved to be extremely helpful in weathering me through the storm. And during this period of time, it just made me becoming more “minimalist” and think more about what I really want out of my life.

Perhaps it’s a good thing, perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise for this to happen. Let’s try to stay positive and don’t pressure ourselves too much at times like this. And most importantly, let’s be hopeful for better days ahead. Till then, thank you 2020 and goodbye.

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